KCB - Everyday Is Saturday

An experience in how to spend your time in COVID lockdown. The Karlton Coffin Band creates an epic mashup of heavy groove experiences, and serves it up over large quantities of alcohol.

KCB - Skeeter

A whole new experience from the Karlton Coffin Band - Skeeter is perfect blend of Americana and Rock with a sprinkle of Twang over the top.

KCB - Debris

Turn up the intensity with the return of the KCB. This time, take a ride through the dark side of relationships gone bad - take a ride through the DEBRIS.

KCB - Three Minutes Of Fury

Oh hell yes....this is one CD that you’ve absolutely GOT to hear. Three Minutes is a collection of 10 ass kicking songs from a man trapped deep inside Corporate America that will keep that head bouncing and screaming for more.

KCB - Ghost In The Glass

Ghost In The Glass is a collection of incredible stories set to music that will take you on an emotional journey. Over the years I’ve done a lot of writing and recording, and this CD is by far one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done.

Bleeding Cowboy – Mexican Witchcraft

The sophomore release from Bleeding Cowboy, Mexican Witchcraft, is an incredibly powerful collection of songs that is likely to blow holes in your speakers. From the very first song, this band is in your face hitting you hard. And it doesn’t let up – song after song after song – you won’t believe that each song might actually be better than the one before it!

Bleeding Cowboy – Empty Again

Bleeding Cowboy is a powerhouse of catchy metal hooks that is reminiscent of Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, and a little bit of Def Tones. Their debut release, Empty Again, is a collection of 10 bad-assed songs that make you want to slam your face into a pole.

Madd Krakker – Saltine Dream

From the depths of Corporate America comes Saltine Dream – a twisted tale that unfolds over a collection of hard hitting grooves. Walls of guitars are in your face, shredding vocals come at you from every direction, and memorable hooks burn their way into your brain.

Punch Festus – Punch Festus

Deep in the sticks on the Westside of Portland, this beefy four piece lays down a flannel-clad barrage of hick metal that will have your adrenal gland working overtime.

Beerdogs – Little Bit Of Lickin’

Straight out of 1998, The Beerdogs have a classic rock sound that captures the timeless essence of years gone by. Swampy rock guitar, piano, and catchy hooks that make you feel like having a cold one.

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